Guide on the Best Twelve 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

The 1st wedding anniversary is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss to show your spouse that you will continue to cherish and be faithful to her. Traditionally, the first anniversary is celebrated with a paper gift. But, you can give your spouse just about anything that will make her happy. It is the thought behind your gift that adds most values to it. Even a cheap present will make your wife happy as long as you are sincere and give it out of love from your heart. The following is the best twelve 1 year anniversary gifts for her.1. PaintingA painting is a great way for you to celebrate the first year of marriage with her. The painting should express a love message to your significant other. It can be a picture of a place that she has dreamed to visit one day. You can also give her a painting that is painted by her favorite artist. A more special painting gift would be to hire an artist to custom draw the happy moment of your wedding in oil painting.2. Paper Flower BouquetPaper flower bouquet looks just as real as the real flower bouquet. It features a combination of different variety of flowers and grasses. There is also a ribbon that wraps around the flower bouquet. These flowers can be customized with a message of your choice to your loved one. The quality of the paper used in making the flower is thick and won’t tear easily. You can be put the paper flower bouquet in a vase to decorate your dining table or side table.3. Photo AlbumAfter a year of marriage, it is time to get the wedding photos printed. You can buy her a thick photo album, one that can store hundreds of large photos. Since you will have photos in different sizes, it will be best to get one with large photo pockets. Ideally, it should have a leather cover that is durable as your family members and friends will also be going through the album to look at the photos. While she is arranging the photos, you and her can chit chat about the photos reminiscing about the activities and the happy moments in the past year.

4. Wedding Sound Wave ArtWedding sound wave art is a creative anniversary gift idea that will definitely put a smile on her. It is a picture of the sound wave of the first dance song played during the wedding reception night. Usually, it is also customized with the song name, couple name and wedding date. Every time you look it, it will bring back sweet memories of that moment when you and your wife dance for the first time on the wedding night.5. Framed Wedding VowMost couples will not take a second look at their wedding vows after they say it at the marriage ceremony. For this reason, it will be a good idea to get the wedding vow framed or put it on a canvas. After framing it, you can give it to her as a 1st year anniversary gift. The framed vow can be placed in a part of the house where you and her will pass through every day. It will then remind the both of you to stay faithful to each other according to the vow that you both promised on the wedding.6. Amazon Fire Stick with Voice RemoteAmazon Fire Stick with Voice Remote is a Universal TV remote control that allows you to change to any TV channel you like by simply saying a command. With the remote, you can access channels on online video sharing sites like YouTube, Amazon Video, and Hulu on your TV. On the anniversary night, you can ask her what movie she wants to watch and say it on the remote. Your TV will automatically be tuned into the channel within a few seconds. For example, if you want to watch a show on Netflix, you say “Launch Netflix and say the name of the show”.7. Give Her a Rare Book on a Genre that She Likes to ReadIf there is a book that your spouse loves to read, you can find a rare version of it and give it to her as a gift. For example, if she loves to cook, you can buy a rare old cook book that is out of print for her. Rare and old books can be found in a book store specialized in selling used books. It is easiest to find this type of book when you do research online. If possible, you should find a book that is written and feature the signature of their favorite author.8. Help Her Get Started in Something She Dreamed of DoingYou can buy the equipment and tools to help your spouse get started on a new hobby that she has long dreamed of doing it. For example, if your spouse would like to become a professional sketching artist, you can buy her a sketching pencil set. She will be grateful for your gift and become inspired to do what she has long wanted to do. You can find out about her aspiration by asking her straightforwardly.9. Hollow BookHollow book is a great way for you to celebrate the 1st anniversary with your loved one. Hollow book looks like a book on the outside but inside is a spacious area for you to keeping any stuff that you like. She may think that she is getting a hollow book but she will be surprised when she finds your real gift within the book. You can fill the book with something special like flower, jewelry, and candy. She can keep her keepsake and other stuff in the secret compartment of the hollow book. There are many styles of hollow book available including novel, map, dictionary and etc.

10. Glass PaperweightYou can consider buying her a glass paperweight if spends a lot of time working with paper on the desk or that she has her own desk at an office. The paperweight can have a short message that express your love to her. There are various styles of glass paperweight including animal, flower, car, train, buildings and etc. Crystal glass paperweight are cut to look like diamonds and often offered in store with personalized option. Snow globe glass weight is a snow globe with tiny white particles that swirl around when you shake it.11. Leather Bound JournalA leather bound journal is the best gift to your wife if she likes writing. She can use the journal to keep her diary or store photos. If she likes to sketch, it will be best to buy a journal that is made of plain paper. Giving a journal as a gift sends the message that the life of someone you care is precious to you. You are telling her that you believe in her and that it is worth recording down the life that she lives. You can also buy a pen that goes along with the journal.12. Do an Activity TogetherYou and your spouse can do an activity together and have some fun. It can be any activity as long as it is fun and romantic. Some activities will be simple while others require more involvements. Examples of some activities that you and your wife can do together are watching a concert, ride in a hot air balloon, head on a road trip, volunteer to do something together, go to a theme park, picnic, play Wii games, go hiking together, take a few photos together, and boat riding.